Saturday, 5 November 2011


Hummingbird Hawkmoth


Giga said...

Owad zaraz wyląduje na ślicznych kwiatkach i będzie zbierać pyłek :-). Oglądałam wszystkie zdjęcia i muszę powiedzieć, że mi się bardzo podobają. Pozdrawiam

Breathtaking said...

Hello Giga
It's kind of you to say you like all my photos.
THankyou for your visit,you are welcome any time.

Soraia Brito said...

Good photo :D

Breathtaking said...

Soraia Brito
It's good of you to say so,but it does not show
this little moth in all it's glory. From the
moment I saw this humming insect I was captivated,unfortunately my capture was not really as successful as I had hoped,and I deliberated whether to post it, or wait until
next year, when with a bit of luck I would be able to see another one, and get a side shot.I do like the vibrant colours though.

Martha Z said...

Good capture, flying creatures don't like to cooperate but this has great motion. Quietly posing would be nice but it would say something entirely different.

Breathtaking said...

Marta Z
Thankyou Marta,your comment was greatly appreciated.x

Gaspar de Jesus said...


Breathtaking said...

Gaspar de Jesus
It is always a pleasure to get such a kind comment from a fellow photograghy enthusiast,
especially fom someone of your calibre.Thankyou
so much.x

Soraia Brito said...

Thank you!

Breathtaking said...

Soraia Brito
You are so very welcome,thankyou for your return visit!

Brown Eyes said...

Caught hovering

Breathtaking said...

Brown Eyes
Not caught well,but caught hovering:)

elena nuez said...

your blog is like a tropical garden, and now in spring is full of life!

I like it!

Breathtaking said...

elena nuez
Silly me found your comment after
all.Thank you so much.:)

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