Friday 1 July 2016

Hens on Slope.

After we have celebrated my husband's eighty second birthday with the family tomorrow, hubby and I will be leaving at 5am on Sunday morning for the Algarve, where we have a place by the sea.The change of scenery and sea air is so beneficial, and we enjoy walking along the shore, and on the cliff tops with our dog Mel. I'm really looking forward to photographing some seascapes, and taking photos of the wildlife down there, and perhaps I will be lucky enough to see a Bee-eater, a bird I have seen there before, but never had the chance to photograph. We are staying until the end of the month, so what with the birthday lunch and last minute packing there won't be much time for visiting. I will visit you all however as soon as possible. Goodbye for now.:)

Leaving you with this country view, hoping to share some seabirds on our return, until then, take care:)
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