Friday 29 September 2023


 As you can imagine, I haven't had much time to get together a varied post, so here are a few photos of the European Robin or the Robin Red Breast which visits my balcony every day. Next week I should have accumulated enough photos to make a more diverse wild life post, but I hope you enjoy this one, as it is one of my favourite birds.

So sorry for the delay in visiting, but I should catch up this week.

Tuesday 5 September 2023


Hi everyone, Yesterday I had an appointment with the Physiatrist who saw me after I broke my right wrist on the 1st of June, and after my first 15 sessions of physiotherapy, and he seemed pleased with my progress, although I still have some way to go before I can use my wrist and my arm without pain. Like last time I have tendinitis in my shoulder and arm, and haven't yet gained the strength to open jars and bottles with my wrist. I'm now on the second series of physio and still have 10 days to go, and then I will see if more is needed. In the meantime I thought I would make a post, tell you my news, and share a few photos of the Great Spotted Woodpecker, but I won't be able to visit anyone just yet as I need more time to get better.

These images were taken on different days in different light. I hope you have enjoyed this post which was done in stages, but I did  use my right hand to make it and I'm pleased I got in touch as it has been a while since my last post, and I really miss you all. My best wishes to everyone.Until next time hugs all round.
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