Wednesday 29 June 2022


Hello Again! Well, I hadn't expected to be away for two months,  my ribs were slow in healing, and even now can cause pain in certain positions, but I feel well enough to start blogging again, and sharing a few of my latest captures. It seems incredible that the Green Woodpecker has always eluded me for at least fifty years. Paula sees them sometimes in a tree covered area near her home. Whenever she told me she had seen one, I felt as green as the Woodpecker,:=) but to my absolute delight I saw one yesterday morning,  but quite far away, so these images are the best of a bad bunch, but I don't mind, because I have been hearing the loud calling noise it makes for a couple of months, and it is near my home, but I didn't trust myself to try to find it, on a tree covered slope whilst my ribs were still healing. Many many thanks to those of you who made a caring comment to get well soon. It has not been an easy fix, it takes time, but seeing as it could have been much worse, I am most grateful it wasn't, and also so happy to be back. 

A juvenile female Green Woodpecker.

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