Tuesday 14 May 2024


Dear fellow bloggers my Grandson Pedro arrived on Saturday for his usual extended stay of two months. He arrived with my daughter Eva who had picked him up at the station, so we had dinner together and it  was a lovey reunion. I am looking forward to his company during his stay, and for that reason I may not post or visit as often,  as I would like to spend as much time as possible with Pedro. I still have overdue visits to make and will make sure I reciprocate the comments I have received. Next month it is customary for Pedro and I to celebrate our  June birthdays together as the dates are not too far apart and it will be a lovely family celebration.So many exciting days ahead to anticipate. I have only one photo to share with you this time of the humble sparrow. See you soon!

Wednesday 8 May 2024


This weeks post is an assortment of photos taken on my balcony and in the orchard. Most were captures taken in April but there are a few which were taken this month. 

A few squirrel captures taken recently.

This is a favourite spot for the squirrels to rest in the shade.

It rained continuously in April, and this squirrel got a little wet.

The male "Blackbird".

It's smooth mellow tone is melodic, and it's so pleasing to listen to in the early hours of the morning, so different from it's raucous alarm call which almost sounds like it's laughing loudly as it flies away.

It is a very shy bird, and prefers to keep hidden in the bushes.

One morning a very wet and hungry Blackbird came to eat from the plate. It is not a flattering image, but then we wouldn't look our best had we been caught in the rain and hadn't eaten our breakfast.

The orange and tangerine trees are almost bare of fruit, but soon ...

It will be time to pick the sweet cherries from the one cherry tree in  the orchard near my studio where there are Golden Delicious apples.

This huge tree grows in the orchard and If anyone stood underneath 
from where I was standing they would only look 1 centimetre tall, It is magnificently lofty, and it's just always been there. 

This is another mystery. This large plant appeared in the orchard this year. It's pale flowers at first glance look rather insignificant but on closer inspection as you will see in the next photo, they are curiously interesting

With help from my blog friends I now know the ID of this flower.
It is a Solarnum moutitanium 

I saw large areas of wild strawberries, which grow in the orchard every year, but although I'm tempted to pick some, I leave them for the birds.

"The Small Heath" butterfly was flitting around the edges of the orchard

"The Small Heath" preferred pieces of wood to alight on rather     than  flowers. Nearly all the butterflies I saw were on the ground.         

A Speckled Wood butterfly seen as I was leaving the orchard.

I believe this is another Speckled Wood, but a rather washed out looking butterfly, pausing on a large piece of orange peel seen as I left the orchard, and then I made my way up to the house, a steep climb for me but if I climb slowly stopping occasionally, I get there. 

The Blackbird comes every day to the feeders as it is feeding it's chicks, and takes as much food as will fit in it's beak each time. It is a novelty for me to see a Blackbird, as I only see them at this time of the year, although they are residents they keep to themselves.

I saw this "Red Admiral" near the hedge and was delighted with this discovery.

I think this may be another Speckled Wood seen in the orchard.

This Red Admiral was on the top step of the split level part of the garden, and I was going to walk down the steps when I noticed it was there.

I focused my camera on it without wavering, willing it to open it's wings.and so it did. I expect the warm stone felt good after the rain.

It extended it's wings to the maximum and I took one last photo.

Wednesday 1 May 2024


It was in June of 2022 when I saw my first Green Woodpecker, and posted photos on the 29th of June. I was so excited, and from then on whenever I heard it's recognisable loud laughing call I looked out for it but didn't see it until recently. I was so lucky to be looking out the window when it appeared and almost in the same location where I had seen it previously. Here are the photos I took, as it walked along the top of the stone balustrade, and then stopped as if to listen.

I enlarged the first photo to be sure it had a black moustache.

A black moustache means it's a female, the male has a red one.

I wanted to share all the photos I took as....

I may not see the Green Woodpecker for a long time,

so have to make the most of this sighting.:=)

I know you will understand if they all look the same, however each one is numbered differently.

Wednesday 24 April 2024


Every morning  after I have had my mid morning coffee I take a stroll around the garden, camera in hand, and then I make my way down to the garage where the Pyracantha hedge is now in flower. These photos were taken this week.  

Santa Teresa Rose

Red Admiral butterfly.

Coal Tit

All the above photos were taken in the garden

Now that the leaves are on the trees it is not so easy to see the Jays. 

I saw the Jays as I walked down the driveway.

At the hedge my first sighting was of a Marsh Fritillary a gem of a butterfly.                     

These yellow flowers grow near the hedge, and more often than not have bugs or other kind of insects on them, ideal for photographs. 

Some flowers are still in bud, whilst others are fully open, on which dozens of different insects flew from flower to flower in frenzied activity.

My second sighting of a butterfly was of a Short-tailed Blue 

These tiny yellow flowers unknown to me,made a carpet underfoot so I had to be careful where I walked to avoid the bees and other insects as they were busy flying from one flower to another just doing what comes naturally. It was difficult to focus on one, but there were many to chose from.     

A micro moth was also flitting around, but I managed to get a shot.

These bees were also tiny.

A wild flower caught my eye.

Same wild flower.

Hover Fly

A Scorpion Fly, a little out of focus, as it alighted on the flower just for an instance and fearing it would fly away, I quickly took a shot. 

Another interesting insect.

Brush Beetle.

Banded Brush Beetle.

Wild Periwinkle.

Hover Fly.

This insect looked scary.

Small Bee.

A Flesh fly unfortunately only the back end, as it quickly moved away.

Hover Fly.

On my way back to the house I saw this Common Sand Wasp.

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