Thursday 28 January 2016

Crests, Tufts, and More!

The Crested Tit is a bird I see often at the feeders, They like the wallnut cake I share with them, and also love the peanuts.

The Crested tit has a well visible crest, and black and white head markings, in all plumages, ages, and sexes, however the crest is smaller on juveniles.

These plants are weeds growing on the farm. I think they are Bindweed and the flowers are very pretty.

The tubuler flowers remind me of Morning Glory and are just as invasive.

The Doronicum flowers with their bright yellow heads brighten a dark place in my garden.

The Pampas-grass forms a fence behind some of our grazing sheep.

The exeptionally bushy tufts on this squirrel made me smile!:)

He had a gorgeous bushy tail to match the tufts, and also his coat was lighter in colour from the ones I had seen previously

He must have been just passing though, as I haven't seen him at any time since.

One last shot before he leapt off the bird table, leaving a lasting impression.

The Crested Tit's are mainly insectivorous, but whenever there is wallnut cake, they finish it in no time.

It's a nice bird to see at the feeders, but I love hearing their purring or bubbling trill, and hear it long before they come into sight.
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Saturday 23 January 2016

Some Garden Birds.

My thanks to Annie and Stewart for hostng these great memes. Check them out, and join in the fun by clicking on the links to see more birds from around the world.. I'D RATHER B BIRDIN

Thursday 21 January 2016

Veterinarian Visit for Good Fences.

On a visit to a nearby stable last year, we were just in time to see the Vet cleaning Prince's teeth. It's not the first time it's been done,  so Prince was fairly relaxed throughout the whole procedure.

Good boy!!!

Ok! It's time you took that thing out of my mouth now!

Sweet Molly had already had her teeth cleaned before we arrived.

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Saturday 16 January 2016

Robin Redbreasts


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Thursday 14 January 2016

Granite for Good Fences

Granite is widely used in Portugal for the construction of houses, churches, walls, and even on the roads and it is made into numerous things for both house and garden. .
Most of us are used to seeing stone items for sale in shops and warehouses, so when hubby and I came across these roadside  scenes we were really surprised.  

These Columns were placed by the roadside to attract attention. It worked, for we stopped to investigate. 

A closer look at the quarry in the distance. 

Entrance gate to the stonemason's house.

This is the little house where you can order the stone.You are not seeing things, that is a fireplace and some chimney pots in the front yard

A wide variety of things for sale from polished stone for kitchen counters bathrooms and flooring, to elegant columns of stone for entrances, and smaller items's such as letter boxes and garden furniture, planters and ash trays.

You would never need to replace this garden furniture!

Letter boxes with any number of designs.

Rustic troughs for animal or bird feed were plentiful.

Bird baths, fountains, animal sculpures, dining room table tops, and large fruit bowls etc ect!!

This is the path we walked down from the road to the clearing where everything was displayed,

On our mountain roads you can come across the most unexspected things. All the stone was displayed on one side of the road, and the little house where you ordered the stone was on the other side.The Stonemason wasn't there, so we didn't actually see the cutting and polishing, so it was very quiet, and we just strolled around looking at all the things made in granite, impossible to show everything here, but it appears one can buy almost any decorative item in granite for the house and garden, including statuettes, not shown here. The last photo is an example of an entrance gate with two granite columns on either side for Theresa's meme Good Fences. Just click on the link to see more gates railings and fences from all parts of the world.

Sunday 10 January 2016

Black Redstart in the Rain.

The female Black Redstart is similar to the female Redstart, but slightly darker in colour. It's quite common in mountain districts, and I saw a pair on the farm in September. Ofcouse they have left now, but whilst they were here I had opportunity to photograph this female through the window of my studio.The glass got a bit steamed up, probably because I got a little excited at seeing them. The male was busy hunting and didn't stay long enough for me to get a good shot of him before he flew off again to find food. They made fast work of the Virginia creeper berries however, as did many birds in the area.

Thursday 7 January 2016

Sausage and Cabbage and more Farm Photos for Good Fences

First of all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all, and I do hope it's a good year for everyone. Getting back to blogging has been a struggle,  but it just hasn't been possible until now, and unfortunately I dropped my camera a month ago on a stone floor, and  two small pieces broke inside, but only one can be replaced. My camera is useless without that vital piece, so I'm feeling a bit gloomy without it, and having to rely on saved posts until I buy another one. Counting my blessings however, as I know it's only a small inconvenience in this world we live in, where so many disadvantaged  people go without so much. A fun photo of Mel to begin the year, ... she brings so much joy into our lives, and I'm grateful for every moment we spend with her.

I love this photo of Mel amongst the cabbages, as most of them are bigger than her! :)

I see a heart on mums side.


Looks a bit grumpy!

Far too busy to look up!


Young and curious!

Docile and content!

A cute fluffy ball!

Proud mum with her young!

That's all folks!
If you would like to see more fences, gates, and railings, and more crittetrs, just click on the links.Many thanks to Theresa and Eileen for hosting these fab memes.
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