Saturday 25 September 2021


For several weeks I have shown just one species in different poses, but today I share many different species, most of which I photographed when I first started blogging again, after my broken wrists had mended. I walked to the nearest field, where there is an overgrown evergreen Pyrancantha or Firethorn hedge, which provides plenty of cover for small birds, sparrows finches and robins, and they love the red, orange, or yellow berries, however when I took these photos, it was earlier in the year, so there were no berries on the branches but plenty of insects, around, and on the shrub. 

Saturday 18 September 2021

A Young Kestrel

Every morning a 10 am My daughter in Law takes me to a clinic on the outskirts of town where I have physio therapy for the treatment of sciatica. This is the second month of treatment and I am beginning to feel a great deal better, which means I can sit  without feeling too much pain, and do a little gardening, all in moderation of course as I don't want to get worse. Well, one morning  as we were making our way to our main gate, I saw a Sparrow Hawk perched on a telegraph cable. I asked  Paula to drive slowly, and then stop. Most of the photos I took were all the same, as he didn't move, however eventually I managed  to capture some different poses. I think this may be a juvenile because of the colour. Other Sparrow Hawks I have seen usually have darker f eathers. 

I have been reliably informed that this young bird is not a male bird, nor a Sparrowhawk,but a young female Kestrel. Many thanks to Richard Pegler and Mike Attward for drawing my attention to this. They know everything about birds, and I am always grateful  for their superior knowledge. Thank you so much.

Saturday 11 September 2021

Blue Tits

 All the following Blue Tit photos were taken through my bedroom window, some are in sequence, but others were taken on different days,  I love this delightful visitor, and have many more to share with you.

A big peanut for a small bird

This image should have been the first , sorry :=)

There are smaller pieces of peanut on a plate for the smaller birds but they always choose the biggest

Young and sweet.

A wet Blue Tit.

That's a rather stern look

A young Blue Tit

His feathers are drying

A handsome and well fed looking Blue Tit.

Friday 3 September 2021

Visit to the Pond

I knew from the cacophony of sound which pervaded the air that there would be some photo opportunities not to be missed, down at the pond. I hadn't been for a while as to get there, I have to walk down a steep incline, but walking slowly and carefully, I managed to arrive there, without incident, and I had arranged with Paula my daughter in law to bring me back home afterwards,in her car. My son and daughter in law moved in with me five weeks ago, as they are having some renovations done in their home, and it may take some time before they are finished. It's lovely to have their company, and they are in many ways so helpful and obliging. 

Views of the pond are at the bottom. Frogs were difficult to detect because of the vegetation in the water, where they hide underneath at any movement they detect 

One of the many dragonflies I saw that day.

Another lucky shot.

These two photos were taken in our pond in the garden on my return.

Some parts of the pond water was clear, more towards the middle of the pond.

I absolutely loved seeing these tiny frogs, on the leaves.

Three shots of the pond from different angles, lightened quite a bit

I want to take this opportunity to thank Phill Slade and David M. Gascoigne for correcting me on the bird's name in one of my previous posts. It was not a Goldcrest as I had mentioned, but a Firecrest. It has now been corrected. Many thanks Phill and David.
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