Saturday 28 March 2015

An S for Anni's Challenge of Mission Impossible.

Although I'm on a break, and will be until after Easter, I accepted the initial challenge some time ago, so have made an exception today and am posting just one photo. When I accepted Anni's challenge to find my own initial in a photo, I never thought it would be so difficult. This is the best I could come up with. Perhaps if you follow the curve of the bubbles starting with the large bubble at the bottom, you will eventually find the rest of the S. It's not very clear I know, but it is there.
Hootin' Anni's Chronicles

Saturday 21 March 2015

Toad in the Hole Continued.

Off he goes striding out with purpose.

Showing his cute little tail boné here!

He pauses for a second, and seems to feel around.

He has found his hole, so puts one leg inside.

Standing upright he starts to wiggle...

and wiggles!

He rests a little.

He starts to move again. He's quite a chunky little guy so it takes a while to get to where he feels comfy.

Nearly there!



It was mesmerizing watching this little fellow conceal himself.I hope you have enjoyed watching him do it. I am linking up with Eileen on Saturday's Critters. Just click on the link to see more critters from around the world. I will be taking a break from blogging for a while, just to recharge the old batteries, but will be back with more captures when I feel rested.

Thursday 19 March 2015

Fences near the River.

Along the river there is this low stone wall with seating.

You can just see the river here.

Bottoms up!

This is the other side of the road.

 You can see a walkway in the distance which leads to the big park.

This is the walkway we use when we take Mel for a walk in the park.

Walkers and joggers alike make good use of it.

Geese and ducks are usually seen in the water or nearby.


The river is a good place to go fishing. The water is very clean, and has enough fish to make it appealing to the people who enjoy the sport.
If you want to see unusual or beautiful fences, railings or gates from around the world, just click on the Good Fences link which takes you to Theresa's blog, The Run A Round Ranch.

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Guzzling Greenfinch



Greenfinch are notoriously greedy.They will stay at the feeders until every last seed has gone, and they have seen off all the other birds. I'm linking up with Stewart at Wild Bird Wednesday, and on Saturday with Annie at I'de Rather B Birdin at the Bird D'pot. Just click on the link to see many more birds from around the world. WILD BIRD WEDNESDAYS


Thursday 12 March 2015

The Church and nearby Fences.

Last week I showed you the park, and one view towards the church. Here are a few more fences, and images of the church which is also a monestry and art museum. I just walked over the road which is pedestrian only, and took these shots. Next week I'll show you the river.








Tuesday 10 March 2015

The Young One.

Juvenile Blackbird

All grown up,... the male Blackbird.

We still see him in the garden.

and...still call him the young one!:)

It looks like the same picture, but these last three were taken in succession.

Shall I or shan't I!

Just make sure there's no one around.


This feels good!

We used to see this juvenile Blackbird (first shot) every so often at the bird table. We started to call him (The Young One.) He was incredibly shy, and I only ever managed to get one shot that was half decent. He had little white and grey patches, so was easily recognizable when he appeared. Look at him now! He’s rather special with his white markings, due to a shortage of melanin no doubt, but we still think he's a fine looking bird. WILD BIRD WEDNESDAYS

Sunday 8 March 2015

First part of The Toad In The Hole.

Hubby and I went to the park on a cold, dull and overcast day. The leaves were thick on the ground, and I nearly missed this little fellow,  but suddenly he moved as I was about to put my foot down just were he was, half hidden by the leaves. What a surprise, and good photo opportunity with my ever ready camera.

The Common Toad   Bufo bufo

He stayed very still, as I circled around him.

Warty little fellow.

Looking at me and thinking what the...!

I've had enough of this, I'm off!

Contemplating his next move...

On the move again.

Purposely walking towards....see the next post and find out!:)
Just click on the link to see amazing critters from around the world.
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