Wednesday 21 November 2012


One evening about three years ago I came across this unfamiliar sight. I stood there in disbelief as I took this photo with a small digital camera, because it was something I had never seen before, or since for that matter. It gave me quite a start, as it was so alien looking. Could it be some sort of reproductive process, or something more sinister!! Any ideas fellow bloggers, what is happening here?

Saturday 17 November 2012

Pastoral Picture

Sheep and Lambs
The Cork Trees have recently been stripped of their bark
This is a familiar sight for me as it's just outside our gate, but I could'nt decide which photo to post, so chose these three.

Saturday 10 November 2012

Mouse Moment

The Wood Mouse 
Apodemus sylvaticus

The Wood Mouse is largely nocturnal.It has a pointed snout and the ears are very large.

The Wood Mouse eats a long list of things, including fungi, worms, insects, fruits and seeds.

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