Friday 22 December 2023



Wishing you, and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas, and a New year full of laughter, love, and most of all good health.

See you again after the New Year.:=)

Wednesday 13 December 2023


Even though the weather has not been favourable, I try to get outdoors as much as I can, and deadhead my flowers and prune overgrown plants, all at waist high as I can not bend,.My garden is a place of calm and refuge for both myself and the birds which inhabit this secluded place.I listen to the sounds I hear around me which often result in me photographing the birds in the trees. The misty mornings are magical, The mountain mist shrouds my house and garden and it takes on an atmospheric feeling of being unreal  and gives it an other worldly appearance which I love. When the sun appears later in the morning  the day is filled with light and colour which brings me joyous moments of warmth and clarity and. I feel like a child again excited at what lies ahead, These photos were taken in both mist and sun

Ha Ha! It looks like the Blackbird is laughing. Photo taken in the garden on a misty morning.

First European Jays seen this Fall, taken in wet conditions on a grey day.

Two Greenfinch  taken on a brighter morning.


Two captures of a European Blackbird.

Another European Jay.

Two captures of the Great Spotted Woodpecker. The female Woodpecker has been hanging around ever since she discovered the peanuts.


Two captures of a female Chafinch.

The Blue- tit.

To finish I am including this photo of a squirrel, as it is the first squirrel I have seen in months, photo taken on a misty morning in the garden.

Friday 8 December 2023


It rained in the night, so I went out in the garden this morning to see if I could find anything of interest, as I didn't have much to share, so here are the photos I took. Some wonderful surprises as well.

A very large Camellia tree

A closer look at the Camellias.

Under cover Mushrooms.

I never noticed these spiders webs when they were dry.

A lot of my shrubs are covered with these small tightly woven webs.

Ivy, birds love their berries.

Bright red berries yet to flower. 

A leaf enclosed in a mushroom.

Azalea flower.

When I first looked at these mushrooms, I thought they were leaves.

More mushrooms.

Another  Azalea.

Leaves still hanging on.

Azalea coming into bud.

Another Mushroom.

I'm sharing another flower like the one above, because they are so pretty.

Raindrops on Cacti.

Another Azalea in bud.

Trees in mist.

Raindrops on Cacti.

Back on my balcony I captures two Blue-tits and a Great-tit.

The Firecrest returned.

Not a very good photo, but it took me by surprise, and I was lucky to get this image.

I am overjoyed that it came to the feeder again.

A lovely stray cat with a luscious black tail and attractive markings.

 These sightings were another surprise, both images taken from my balcony.

First flower on Jade Plant.

Wednesday 29 November 2023


Before the leaves fell from the trees, I took some photos of birds to get the autumn colour in the background and here they are, ....not a lot of different species, but they are the ones I see the most. 

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