Thursday 20 May 2021

In Memoriam

On the afternoon of the 10th of April my darling husband passed away. He was my true love, the love of my life, and the deep wound in my heavy heart and the sense of loss greater than I can bare at times, is what I feel every day when I miss seeing his loving smile as he said "Good morning darling" at the start of each day.

We had known each other since our college days, and had been together ever since. We understood each other, and had the most loving relationship. We were partners, and good friends, enjoyed the same things, took great enjoyment from our love of nature, our pets, photography, art, music, travelling in our youth to every continent in the world. and as we got older we still took little excursions  to discover the joys of nature with our cameras and binoculars at the ready. After our 60th Wedding Anniversary we slowed down somewhat, because we no longer had the energy or good health to do what we used to, but we sat side by side at our computers, enjoying the nearness, and the companionship whilst listening to the music we both enjoyed, sometimes in silence, sometimes laughing at something on screen because we shared the same sense of humour.

Thank you for your caring comments, although I'm not sure that the black symbol was understood by everyone, but you still knew something was not right. 

 Condolences have been many, and in every case his joyous smile was mentioned, also what a lovely easy unassuming manner he had. He was a humble gentleman, and I am proud to have been his wife. Rest in peace my darling, until we meet again.

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