Friday, 25 November 2011

Autumn Archway

Chestnut Tree


TexWisGirl said...

gosh, that's pretty!

susie said...

lovely archway of chestnut trees, very good shot, brings back memories!!!!

Breathtaking said...

Thankyou, I just love trees,in all the seasons,
and it's so nice to share with a fellow tree

Breathtaking said...

Thankyou Sue,yes it does indeed, Such good times!!!

Eva Gonçalves said...

Never noticed that branch is all over the road... looks like it could become dangerous though... For obvious reasons I have mixed feelings about my memories of that particular spot! :) Chestnut trees are always inviting in Autumn I think. XX

Breathtaking said...

Most of the trees need cutting back,only this week five Australias were felled.You are so right, Chestnut trees are very lovely in the fall,and roasted Chestnuts are so delicious!xx

Martha Z said...

A lovely shot with a path begging to be explored. I like that rock wall, it reminds me of Yosemite but, of course, no chestnut trees in Yosemite.

Ian said...

Keat's "Season of mists........" seems appropriate so let's have Shelley:-

The day becomes more solemn and serene
When noon is past-there is harmony
In Autumn,and a lustre in its sky,
Which through the summer is not heard or seen,
As if it could not be,as if it had not been.

Breathtaking said...

Marta z
Yosemite National Park looks beautiful!!
There is plenty of granite in the north of
Portugal, and properties are usually stone walled not fenced.
Many thanks for your visit.:)

Breathtaking said...

Keats,Shelly,Like them both,and the verse.
Your poetic comments are appreciated.Thankyou:)

psychelyn said...

This a beautiful archway. I like watching them from afar, I like to see how the arch goes. Archways and paths are sort of magical to me, I have this feeling that I'm being dragged into it whenever I see one. Sometimes I would stand and just stare at it.

There was a time when I got myself busy collecting pathway pictures. Here, I'd like to share to you:

Breathtaking said...

I feel the same way about archways,they draw you in,and curiosity gets
the better of you,because you want to know just what is on the other side!!
Thankyou for the link,I will certainly be passing by.:)

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