Saturday 27 February 2016

MistleThrush! Blackcap,Black Redstart Wagtail and Sparrow Hawk.

I heard him singing ouside, and went to investigate. It wasn't a sound I could easily recognize, as I knew all the bird songs of my regular visiters. It was bitterly cold, inspite of the blue sky and sunny day. In my eagerness to get a photo of an unknown bird I had gone outside without a coat and even though I had more or less located the tree from where I could hear the song I still couldn't see a bird. I was looking up into the high branches of  a conifer tree, and was just about to go indoors, chilled to the bone, when I saw a movement, and a bird flew to a lower branch, and although my captures are of poor quality, I am hoping that someone will recognize it.

The bird was very light in colour.... 
and the speckled breast was most distinctive, I think it might be a Song Thrush!
I have since been reliably informed that it is not a Song Thrush, but a Mistle Thrush.

Male Blackcap.

Female Black Redstart.

Male Black Redstart

I have had many sightings of The Black Redstart.


I took this photograph through the studio window and was amazed to see the bird had eyelashes. After looking up if birds really do have eyelashes, I found out they are tiny feathers, but isn't it a sweet look!

The Wagtail

The Sparrow Hawk, perched on a tree on our drive way. I shot into the sun, through our lounge window to get this poor image. It was a huge surprise for me to see it again, as I had seen it for the first time only the day before.

I have been reliably informed that the bird in the first two images is a Mistle Thrush. Many thanks to Frank, from Wild Bird Watching with Fab.

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Wednesday 24 February 2016

Olive Tree's House

This is the entrance to a large country property tucked away off the main mountain road. I thought it looked charming, and it has many features that although not in use today, are still in place, and a reminder of bygone days.


I drew myself up to all of my 1,64cent, and them some,  by standing on tiptoes but was unable to see over the wall.

The bell covered by a little red tiled roof.

The bell pull.

Even at a distance I was unable to show you the true height of this huge tree.

Typical blue and white tiles with the name of the house, which is "Olive Tree's House"

I am linking this, and last weeks post, to Good Fences, where you will find many more gates, railings, and fences, from around the world. Many thanks to our gracious host Theresa at the Run A Round Ranch. If you would like to participate in this meme just click on the link Good Fences.

Saturday 20 February 2016

The Nuthatch

There is a park quite near to where we live that is mainly used at weekends for picnicing in good weather, as there are several stone benches and tables placed in clearings around the park, but during the winter months it is deserted. We like to go there now and again, in the hope of seeing birds that I wouldn't normally see on the farm or in the garden. Hubby takes his binoculars, and I take my old camera, which I'm delighted to tell you, has now been repaired after the damaged part was replaced by another sound one, found in a camera of the same model. I am so pleased, as it a treasured part of my daily life, and like a trusted friend, and to be honest I missed it on my daily walks, and was so used to it that I would have found a new one quite complicated to use.

The gnarled trees there, are very old and full of crevices and  holes, which attract certain kinds of birds, and the moss covered stones and walls also attract insects, but today I am sharing a few Nuthatch images, and the natural environment.














Thursday 11 February 2016

Visit to a Fishing Village for Good Fences

Last year, hubby and I visited a little fishing village where we were hoping to see the fishermen mending their nets, and perhaps the arrival of the fishing boats, when sea birds gather for the pickings.
We saw many seagulls, only one plover, but large gatherings of Cormorants near the water's edge. I was so fascinated by everything we saw that I also took photos of  the nets and traps as well.

















All the links below are for wildlife enthusiasts, click on the links to see wonderful nature photos from all over the globe. My thanks to Stewart, Eileen, Anni, and Theresa for hosting these wonderful memes.


Saturday 6 February 2016

Pigeon and Dove Pictures

Hubby and I saw this pretty pigeon on one of our walks on the farm. The iridescent colours were beautiful

A Collard Dove, spotted early one morning on the farm

If you are a birder, or just love birds, click on these links to view birds from all over the world. My thanks to Anni and Stewart for hosting.:) I'D RATHER B BIRDIN and WILD BIRD WEDNESDAYS
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