Wednesday 25 January 2023


 Continuing my visit to the reserve.
When I first arrived at the nature reserve, I saw a Peacock strutting along on a path ahead of me, then it seemed to disappear as if into thin air, but when next I saw it, he had flown up onto a wooden beam, and after tea I managed to capture a couple of photos.

The Peacock  Pavo cristatus

I like this photo because it shows the Peacocks legs, which I had never really noticed before I looked at this image.

The male Wood Duck   Aix sponsa  has a glossy green head with a prominent crest at the rear, in repose in this image.The Chestnut breast is speckled and it's red eye and red and white beak adds to it's beauty.

Neither photo of the Wood Duck does it justice. The male is the most colourful and beautiful duck, but it doesn't stand out in the shade. The female in contrast, unfortunately not seen here, has overall grey- brown plumage, the head has a glossed crest, a white tear drop shaped patch round the brown-black eye, and it also has a blue-grey bill and a white line on wings.

The Grey Parrot,  Psittacus erithacus. is native to the rain forests of central Africa. It is one of the largest parrots in Africa, and they live on average sixty years. They are highly social birds and have the ability   

 to mimic human speech, and other birds. It is thought to have the intelligence of a human five year old. 

Another photo of the beautiful Wood Duck which I have just found amongst the photos I took. As I look at it, it's difficult to believe this magnificent creation is a real duck, as it's varias colours divided by white lines makes it stand out among ducks as a work of art, perhaps only surpassed in beauty by the Mandarin Duck.

Tuesday 10 January 2023


Thank you one and all for your kind support, it means so much, and I'm glad to say that I am improving, and so is my daughter. And my friend and mentor who was very ill indeed, has also made a miraculous recovery. Your prayers and mine were answered. Thank you!

Early morning sky shot.

Waterlogged field on the farm. I was trying to see where the birds made their nests in the stone crevices, but was unable to get there.

This leaf was hanging on. 

Coal Tit on a familiar perch.

Another Coal Tit, looking right at me.

Two Green finch captures. They hog the Sunflower seed planter.

Jays are easier to spot now that the leaves have fallen from the trees.

A closer shot of the above Jay.

Some new growth.

Jay in the shade. 

Three different Blue Tit captures.

Indecisive squirrel. He's not sure if he should climb the tree, or come down and climb up to my balcony.

Image taken just before take off.

The Crested Tit framed in  yellow Autumn colour.


I'm not sure when I took this photo. The Robin is a favourite of so many of you so I'm including it in this post.

The Great Tit image was taken from my balcony.

I took a small soft wood cutting of the Echium candicans plant last year, and now it has five leaf heads. I hope it produces the showy blue flower spikes this year. The plant is in a corner of my balcony,  looks healthy, and  is surrounded by Vinca Menor, Blue Periwinkle I will share the first Echium flower whenever it appears.

Hopefully each of the leaf heads should produce a flower like this one. Common name Pride of Madeira.

Paula sent me a winter sunset photo to share with you.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, 11th of January. I hope my family doctor prescribes some injections that have helped me previously, so that I can fully return to blogging. Until then, I leave you with this post. I will visit as soon as I am able.
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