Tuesday 25 October 2022


Continuing the third part of my day spent at the estuary with my daughter Eva I will be sharing just a few bird photos, and some more images of the local atmosphere, on and off the water. It was a fantastic day out. My snaps are of a poor quality, but I hope you enjoy sharing in the atmosphere of that sunny day. By the time I took these photos, I felt very tired as the walk to the estuary had been a long walk, and I was already on my way back to the car,  soaking up the atmosphere of everything I saw as I went along.

Herring Gull

 A few Rock Pigeons / Doves

I have read that the Pigeon is one of the most intelligent animals on this planet, although we often think of them as being just a nuisance  

A beautiful bird.

More water sport images. I have left the birds in on purpose,

on every photo. :=)


A relaxed atmosphere, as people were enjoying finishing their lunch.

It was just like a summer's day, when eating outside is so pleasurable

Chilling out with the family.

A Yellow-legged Gull near the restaurants.

Lots of activity, without the promenade ever feeling crowded.

 Egyptian Geese.

The beautiful bronze statue on the esplanade by the Rio Douro is by the artist Irene Vilar 1930-2001. It is called "The Messenger" and is the Angel Gabriel, although it is usually referred to as "The Angel".

Tuesday 18 October 2022

THE ESTUARY part two

Having photographed so many varied things when I went to the estuary with my daughter Eva, I couldn't share them all in one post, so I am going to divide my images into three posts. As I wrote in my last post there was a lot going on. It was perfect weather for sailing, and other water sports, or just relaxing. People were walking their dogs, riding bicycles, taking photos of the sailing vessels, and many people were promenading the seashore enjoying meeting up with friends.

Meanwhile on shore, I looked out for different birds to photograph.

The Bar-tailed Godwit.   Limoso Lapponica

I photographed a lot of these wading birds.

I saw at least 25 to 30 of these birds, 

so, the ones you see are not always the same bird.

There were some smaller replicas of these birds, little juveniles 

I also photographed a lot, because it was my first sighting of a Godwit. :=) I am beginning to think of myself as a birder, so I saw a lifer!!:=) Is that too presumptuous of me!

The juveniles were in small groups, milling around in all directions, 

They ran so fast, that it was impossible for me to get a good image.

I have saved the best three images until last.

This concludes the second part of my visit to the estuary.

Tuesday 11 October 2022

THE ESTUARY part one.

Every Tuesday, my daughter Eva comes here and makes lunch for us. This week after we had finished our lunch, she suggested that we go for a ride to the seaside. Always game for some photographic opportunities I was immediately enthusiastic, and we arrived at our destination shortly after three. It had been some time since I had had the pleasure of looking at the sea and breathing in sea air. It was a warm day, and as I made my way to the estuary in Foz I passed other people enjoying the views and engaging in leisurely pursuits, which I will share in my next post. When I arrived at the estuary to my delight there were what appeared to be thousands of gulls, and a few other bird species that I was pleased to see. Once again, the bright sunlight was in my eyes at 3.40, but it did not deter my excitement at seeing so many birds, in fact I had never seen such large numbers of Grey Heron in one area as on that day, but first the photos of the gulls.

I took quite a few photos of this heron.

A grey heron bottom right, and a Cormorant amongst the gulls.


This concludes the first part of my visit to the estuary.

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