Wednesday 8 November 2023


This is Thursday, the 2nd of November, and we are in the middle of a fierce thunderstorm and now it's hail stoning. It didn't last long, but it has rained continuously for a month now, but when I looked through the kitchen window I could see that the leaves of the trees were a beautiful shade of red and I couldn't resist the temptation of going outside, as by this time the rain had eased off a little, so I donned my waterproof coat and took a few photos around the  driveway even though I knew it could start raining heavily at any minute. I then went into the garden to see what I could findAs it happened the heavy rain held off until I returned home but just in time before there was another downpour. I couldn't have been outside more than fifteen to twenty minutes but in that time managed to take quite a few photos.

View from my Kitchen window of  the Liquidamber Tree.

A closer look, of course on a sunny day the leaves are more vibrant.

Another colourful tree.

The Sweet Gum tree looks like it has Christmas tree decorations.

More Autumn leaves covering the ground.

Empty Chestnut case.

Moss covered stones were everywhere.

Steps with moss, are slippy and should not be climbed.

The colourful Ivy leaves looked very attractive.

Another tree of great beauty.

Oak Acorns. The acorns I posted on a previous post are Holly Acorns.

Folios lichen growing on the balustrade stone.

Puffball Mushroom growing between the paved stones

Same tree that I see from the kitchen window.

Bottom of the tree.....

.....and the top. All the trees are extremely tall as the branches haven't been pruned for several years.

Driveway Trees.

Whenever I saw red or orange leaves I took a photograph. These two where only a few cm tall.

One of the three flowers remaining on the Camellia tree.

Begonia plant.

                                                  The Tradescantia plant.            

An Acer tree.

A nibbled Field Mushroom.

Buds of an Azalea shrub

This stone container only had a little soil inside it and I didn't plant anything, but just look at it now! Nature filled it with plants, two kinds of fern and I'm not sure what the other leaves are.

Coal-tit trying to reach the unopened chestnut.

Very bad action shot.

From a distance I wasn't quite sure what I was looking at, or where it was, so I just pointed my camera in the general direction, and only later discovered it was a Mistle Thrush. I'm including the next shot, for although the head isn't's underside is clearly seen. 

I have included these shots taken through my bedroom window, but they were taken yesterday the 6th of November before the sky clouded over again.

This is probably the Mistle Thrush.

Driveway Trees.

Driveway Trees.

Back in my bedroom

Just in time, and look who was waiting for me

European Robin Red breast. I pulled the plate with the stone nearer the door so the bird food wouldn't get wet.

Whilst outside I tried to go into the orchard, but the ground was too wet, so instead of showing tangerines on the trees, here are a few tangerines on a Portuguese hand painted plate. 


Debbie said...

all of your pictures are taken with such great intention, i notice and appreciate that!!. autumn is so lovely in your area, and the view out your kitchen window is stunning!!

and that plate is gorgeous, i would love to have it in my kitchen!!

La Biosfera de Lola said...

Hola Sonjia. Hermoso paseo, todo esta precioso y las fotos geniales. La planta creo que es una Tradescantia. Muchos besos

Marie Smith said...

Such lovely shots, a linear collage of autumn in all its finery. I so enjoyed this post.

Angie's Recipes said...

I love the season of colours! Your view from your kitchen is gorgeous.

Veronica Lee said...

WOW! Your fall photos are stunning!
Such a treat for those of us living in tropical corners of the world.

Hugs and blessings, Sonjia

Marit said...

Dear Sonjia :)

The trees you have taken photos of are very beautiful. The Acer trees are always so colourful. They are my favourites every autumn. I love to see your camelliaflower. I wish I had your climate.
Beautiful photo of the Red Robin. They are so cute.
Many hugs,

Irma said...

These are such beautiful fall photos, Sonjia.
The colors of the trees are beautiful, the trees here are now starting to change color and some are already bare.
Have a nice day.
Greetings Irma

Richard Pegler said...

I am absolutely amazed, Sonjia, that you managed to take so many fabulous photos in only fifteen to twenty minutes. Every one is a delight to behold. I'd be happy if I achieved such results in a month!

I hope that you start getting some dry weather soon.

My very best wishes - stay safe - - - Richard

David M. Gascoigne, said...

I am glad that you ventured outside, Sonjia. Your photographs reveal the exquisite nature of fall, and reinforce that fact that four seasons with their distinct characters are essential for human sanity! A great deal of beauty is on display here, making us realize that the simple things in life are, in fact, the very best. It’s not just a cliché. It’s the truth. Hugs from Ontario - David

David James Slater said...

Dear Sonjia,
Lovely photos which really capture Autumn in Portugal. I have doves in my garden which is a change.

Bill said...

A wonderful series of beautiful fall photos with lots of colours. I have never seen a puffball mushroom before until now. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

Jenn Jilks said...

That is amazing! We had 5 cm snow this morning. Everything is covered up.

Nick Morgan said...

Beautiful pictures Sonjia. The autumn colours have been great here, too, but didn't last long. We have had a lot of wind and even more rain!!
Is the plant you can't remember the name of Tradescantia?

roentare said...

These autumn sceneries are so beautiful

Jeanie said...

Oh Sonjia, your autumn is in full glory and just beautiful. Those wet leaves on your drive look like little stars! And i love the sweet bird who was waiting for you. Every photo is a gem. All our leaves are pretty much gone now -- it's such a pleasure to see yours!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi Sonjia! I went through my spam box, but your comment seems to have taken an uncharted route. It's weird how Blogger is behaving lately. I've got comments from as far back as 2011 making surprise appearances in my spam box!

Have a great weekend!

sami niilola said...

Wow, autumn colors are so beautiful.

eileeninmd said...

Hello Sonjia,
Lovely captures from your walk. The Autumn colors are gorgeous, what a great view from your kitchen. Nature provides so much beauty if we are looking.
The Mistle Thrush and Robin are beautiful birds, great sightings and photos.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.

Tom said...

...Sonjia, thanks for the tour, the colors are fabulous. Sweet gum is a favorite of mine and in the snow the seed balls do look like Christmas ornaments. Ah, to be able to grow tangerines, what a treat. We are so dry here, I'd love a good rain. Take care and be well.

Shiju Sugunan said...

I'm impressed by your hardiness in venturing out into the rain to take these photos. Stunning photos!

John's Island said...

Hello Sonija 😊
Thank you for going out … even for just 15 or 20 minutes … to snap some wonderful pictures of the fall colors around your place. Your trees are just beautiful with fall color and I wonder … Do you think the colors were a bit more spectacular this year? I do think so here in Seattle, but, of course, I really don’t know exactly what makes the leaves more colorful in some years more than others. Another thing I love about your photography is the way you have a sharp eye on the lookout for the smaller, yet very interesting, items. Ex: Empty Chestnut case. Your weather does seem very much like what we’ve been experiencing here in Seattle … lots of rain as we move into Fall. Thank you, as always, for sharing your blog. Sending wishes for a happy weekend and week ahead!

Aritha V. said...

I love to see the buds of an Azalea shrub. What a schoonheid (beauty)

Adam Jones said...

It's a wonderful time of year, and the colours are so magical. Love the red of the Acer.

RedPat said...

So many shots of beauty. It was good that you got out for a bit between downpours. I love the Robin.

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh, this post and your wonderful photographs gets a big WOW from me.
Glorious Autumn colours, and I just love that Robin.

All the best Jan

Mike Attwood said...

Hi Sonjia You must spend days clearing up all those leaves in the autumn. Nice shots.

Teresa said...

Me ha encantado tu entrada, bueno todas me gustan. Los colores son preciosos, el petirrojo es muy lindo. Un abrazo.

magiceye said...

Beautifully captured!

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

This N That said...

Beautiful pictures..You got a lot in twenty minutes..Send some of that rain my way..We are experiencing a ten inch deficit and not a drop in sight...Enjoy the rest of your week..

Nick Morgan said...

Hello Sonjia,
It is interesting how similar your weather is to ours at the moment. We have had so much rain in the last two months, I can hardly believe it. The ground is saturated and the rivers are swollen. It is funny how many of the views you have shown look so similar to our woodland! You live in a beautiful place, and I love all the stonework and old steps.
I am sorry to hear that you will be needing a knee operation. My Mother-in-law had a new knee joint a few years ago and it has made such a difference. I wish you well with your operation.
I hope you will soon be back blogging.
I have been so busy recently, I haven't had a chance to add to my blog, but I hope I will have more time soon.

Nick Morgan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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