Sunday 2 September 2012

Dainty Demoiselles

Male Damselfly Arigon Virgo

Female Damselfly-Agrion Virgo


psychelyn said...

Oh Hi, Welcome back. Once again we will be seeing your beautiful pictures. :)

I like the dragonfly's blue color. It looks like a shiny silk wrapped on her.

Ian x said...

Deep in the sun-searched growths the dragon-fly
Hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky:-
So this winged hour is dropt to us from above.
Oh! clasp we to our hearts, for deathless dower,
This close-companioned inarticulate hour
When twofold silence was the song of love.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The House of Life

TexWisGirl said...

welcome back! you have not posted in a very long time. hope all is well!

Victor Aranda said...

La siempre fotogénica libélula. Preciosas fotografías.

Sonia Aguiar said...

Hola :) Soy Sonia. Estoy encantada de conocerte y más aún porque Jerry ha sido quien nos ha presentado. Tienes un blog con unas fotos muy bellas, realizadas con mucho corazón. He leído que antes pintabas, sería agradable ver algunas de tus pinturas.
Un cordial abrazo. Sonia.

Breathtaking said...

Hi psychelyn!Thank you! It's a pleasure to be back.I could watch these almost metalic looking Damselflies for hours, infact I have done so.:)So glad you stopped by, and I will visit you very soon.

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hello!!!.. How nice to see you!!!.. Great pictures.. Congrat..

Breathtaking said...

Hello! Butterflies and Dragonflies are by far my favourite insects.
Their colourful but silent presence
is always a breathtaking moment for me.

Thank you so much for sharing The beautiful verse by D.G.Rossetti as it conveys exactly how I feel when I chance upon one of them.xx

Breathtaking said...

Hi Theresa!!Thank you, it feels good to be back after my lengthy break. All is well,but thank you for asking.Will visit you soon.:)

Nava said...


Breathtaking said...

Thank you Nava.:)

Breathtaking said...

Victor Aranda
Thank you Victor! I agree they are always so photogenic.

Breathtaking said...

Sonia Aguiar
How nice that you came to visit and welcome to my blog.Thank you for your appreciation of my photos.
It's always a bonus when fellow bloggers, can feel how much I love
nature, and the beauty around me.:)

It was not my intention to show my paintings here,mostly because I would have to get the permission of the sitter to show their portrait. However, perhaps I can make an exception, as one artist to another.:)

Breathtaking said...

Ana Minguez Corella
Hi Ana!! Thank you, it's good to be back.Glad you like the photos.
Will visit you soon as I play catch-up.:)See you!

Friend of HK said...

Welcome back! Love the damselflies~

susan said...

very beautiful.

Breathtaking said...

Friend of HK
Thank you!It does feel good to be back.There is so much to see and appreciate.Glad you like the Damselflies.:)

Breathtaking said...

Yes I agree,I could watch these little beauties all day. Hope you had a nice day on Sunday!! See you soon.:)

Bob Bushell said...

Brilliant images and also "breathtaking", woops.

Gaspar de Jesus said...

Fantástica Macros!!!

Fallar said...

It's hard to think that design of this predatory insect is older than dinosaurs.

Tammy said...

What great close ups of these little damsels. So how do you know the female from the male? Are they color coded? hehe

Breathtaking said...

Bob Bushell
Ha ha!! Thank you Bob!:)

Breathtaking said...

Gaspar de Jesus
Thank you Gaspar!They are a pleasure to photograph.

Breathtaking said...

Good morning!
Yes it's amazing to think that the Damselfly predates the Dinosaur by
several million years. Thanks for passing by.:)

Breathtaking said...

Ha ha!! They are Tammy!! In both
tha Banded Agrion and the Agrion Virgo, males are blue, and females are green.

CameraCruise said...

Beautiful shots!
Wish you a wonderful day.

Lasse said...

Great and excellent shots...breathtaking images !

Breathtaking said...

Camera Cruise
Thank you Mette!Appreciate your visit!

Breathtaking said...

Thank you so much.Trying to capture their beauty is a pleasure.So glad you like them!

ShySongbird said...

Wow!! What a lovely comeback! I have been looking forward to your return and you have certainly done it with style :-) These are beautiful photos and the damsels are little jewels! I find it very difficult to photograph damselflies especially with the poor light we so often have here.

Thank you so much for visiting me and for your comment which I have yet to answer but will very soon. I am really struggling with blogging at the moment, finding it so difficult to fit it in with 'real' life.

Warmest good wishes, Jan.

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Jan!The damselfly I saw on your last post was simply beautiful,as were all your photos.
You do such a good job,even in poor light you manage to get such wonderful captures.

It sounds like you are in need of a
blogging break!!!

Silenciosamente ouvindo... said...

Simplesmente fantástico!!!

Breathtaking said...

Silenciosamente ouvindo

Obrigado Irene!
Um abraço.

Janie said...

I love visitng your blog.
The fun of finding the bugs of nature have to put you over the edge!
Very nice photos, keep em coming.

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Jane, I love visiting yours because your posts are so varied,( like your last one):)

Each discovery in nature is so exciting.So pleased you like the demoiselles.Thanks for passing by.

Janie said...

Oh the blue and black of the Damselfly! Stunning.
I love visiting you.

AND: my mistake on my blog in those years. Long story short my daughter quickly brought it to my attention it was 26 years ago NOT 45. No wonder you THOUGHT I looked so young.

Olga said...

So nice! Such a beautiful dragonfly!

Breathtaking said...

Never mind Jane, you still look young for your age(quick calculated
guess):)Thanks for comming back,it
did make me smile.:)

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Olga. They are beautiful little insects.

Becca said...

Love that turquoise color! Beautiful photos!

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