Friday, 4 May 2012

In Residence

Garden Snail
Arion hortensis


TexWisGirl said...

cute, even with all the gushy stuff. :)

Breathtaking said...


psychelyn said...

Snails are very interesting. Sometimes I watch them quietly how they are coming out from their shell. I get curious what of they are up to :)

Breathtaking said...

They are so interesting,glad you think so too.I tried to coax it
out of it's shell for a better pic
but it prefered the comfort of it's

susan said...

very good photo!!!

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Sue.

FilipBlog said...

Super macro of the snail.


Breathtaking said...

Thankyou,- I would rather have seen
it out of it's house,but perhaps
next time!!

Thankyou for visiting.

Jerry said...

We too often ignore these guys - thanks for posting these lovely images.

psychelyn said...

I think they feel danger when someone's close so they never go out. My brother and I were trying to offer it food so she goes out of the shell but it really wont :)

By the way, thank you for your interest in the murals. I have made a narration of what behind it all in my other blog. Please do visit when you have time, Thank You :)

Breathtaking said...

They are not well liked because of the damage they cause to crops and
garden plants,but they are facinating,and their shells are
quite beautiful,so deserve to be
noticed and admired,but in a way I'm glad that you ignore them,for this at least means you don't kill them!!
Thank you for your visit.

Breathtaking said...

I guess we have to respect their

I will visit your other blog soon,
thanks for the info.:)

Janie said...

Who would think of taking maco of a snail?
The mushy, bubbly stuff is fun to see up close.
Super great macros of our garden snails here.
Did you get a new lense?


Breathtaking said...

The small and obscure creatures
interest me, even the froth on the leaf.I guess I inherited my passion for nature from my father.

Just before Christmas I bought a
new camera.For practical purposes
I decided on a Nikon Coolpix 500,
with a Nikon 36X optical Nikkor zoom lens.
It's a step up from my Sony DSC-HI
with a 12X optical zoom lens, -
although I still use it with reasonable results,I'm still very much a novice with regards to photography.

Thank you for stopping by.

Ian*** said...

The year's at the spring
And day's at the morn;
Morning's at seven;
The hillside's dew-pearled;
The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn:
God's in his heaven -
All's right with the world.

R Browning. Pipa Passes 1841

Breathtaking said...


How clever of you to find yet another relevant poem for my post.

On reflection I don't think you are able to see the map,- only I
can see it,sorry.XX

Brown Eyes said...

The slime of snails has many properties, regenerates the skin.
Excellent photo. kisses

Breathtaking said...

Brown Eyes

You continue to astonish me with your knowledge.Thank you for the information.
I'm so glad you like this photo.
Kisses right back to you.

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