Sunday, 13 May 2012

Decorative Duck Double Take


susan said...

very pretty, love the ripples in the water!!!!!

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Lovely duck... Female???... Regards..

O Saber das Palavras said...


Fernando Santos (Chana) said...


Magia da Inês said...

Boa semana!


°º °♫♫♪¸.•°`

Friend of HK said...

A very good looking duck!

Breathtaking said...

I think so too,unfortunately even after research I have'nt been able to discover what it's called,-Pity!

Perhaps someone will know!!
Enjoy your Sunday.X

Breathtaking said...

Ana Minguez Corella

I could'nt resist posting this beautiful duck,but without a caption, because I just don't know
it's name.
Perhaps with more research I will discover what it's called.I'm
guessing it's a male, as there was
a another duck swimming along side
which was'nt quite as pretty!!

Breathtaking said...

O Saber das Palavras

Breathtaking said...

Fernando Santos
Thank you.


Breathtaking said...

Magia da Inês

Thank you for stopping by.

Have a nice week.:)

Breathtaking said...

Friend of HK

It is is'nt it! Wish I knew it's name!

Thank you for your comment.:)

abhinavr said...

Awesome shot!

Breathtaking said...


Thank you.:=)

FilipBlog said...

This picture is a lot better than in the previous article. Well done.


Breathtaking said...

Filip and Kristel
You are not afraid of ducks then!!!


manuela baptista said...

hello ducky!

eu sempre achei que os patos têm um ar feliz

um beijo

Unknown said...

E esta foto é simplesmente maravilhosa.

Ana Martins

Breathtaking said...

Hello Ana
Thank you for your very nice comment and for becoming my latest

Breathtaking said...

manuela Baptista

You are right,they always seem to have a smile on their faces.
Would'nt it be nice to see a few human faces like that!!

Thank you for your visit.

Fotokarusellen said...

A beautiful bird and a great shot. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Contínua a surpreender-nos com as suas magníficas fotos. Parabéns são fantásticas e cheias de beleza.

Breathtaking said...


Thank you so much.:)

Breathtaking said...

Edu. Matos

Thank you for your very nice comment.:)


Nancy said...

Those top feathers are gorgeous.....What beauty.....

Breathtaking said...


Yes indeed, an almost iridescent
quality about them.

Glad you are back.:)

Brown Eyes said...

Beautiful. The photos on this blog are wonderful. I regret not having the opportunity to follow more. I hope that better days will be able to enjoy such beauty. Kisses and thanks.

Anonymous said...


Definitely very good looking, and a good swimmer. I would say it must be a male...

Have a nice week


Breathtaking said...

Brown Eyes

Hello Brown Eyes
Thank you for leaving such a nice
comment.You are always welcome.

Breathtaking said...


:)I'm not so sure that the males swim better than the females, but in the looks department male birds are generally more attractive than their female counterpart.

Thank you for passing by and making
me smile!!

Fernanda Ferreira - Ná said...

Definitely a male. I used to have ducks.
The more colourful the best, so the females "say" :))
I've read about it. Apparently the attractive colours mean that the male duck is wealthy.

Amazing how he got so close to you and kept eye contact :)


Breathtaking said...

The duck in fact is a Drake!!


ort said...

a duck very attractive, good catch,

Breathtaking said...

Tomás Crespo

Hello Tomás

I'm so glad you like this hybrid.
Thankyou for you visit.


ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos of your very decorative duck. It definitely looks to be of mixed parentage to me, some of these ducks are quite promiscuous ;-)

I love the photo of the Sand Lizards!

I never thought I would say such a thing but your snail photos are very attractive too!! Your skills show that even the most unlikely creature has beauty.

Please send us some of that lovely sunshine...

Breathtaking said...


Hello ShySongBird

Thank you for your lovely comments.

I'm quite sure you're right about the hybrid duck, and so pleased you
saw the beauty in the lizard and snail photo.

I recently discovered
that snail slime regenerates the
skin.Who would have thought it could have such healing properties!

IAN*** said...

Blue,darkly, deeply,beautifully blue.

Madoc 1805.Robert Southey.
English poet and writer.

Breathtaking said...


The blue side of the palette for sure!Thankyou Ian.X

Janie said...

Oh the beauty of those feathers!
Dreamy colors.
I love ducks too.
Wonderful post, will be back to visit.

Breathtaking said...

I really haven't done them justice
but glad you like them.

Thank you for your visit.

Stuart Price said...

These hybrid ducks can be really confusing, this one seems like a straightforward Mallard X Farmyard Duck?

Breathtaking said...

Stuart Price

Hello Stuart

Yes, probably a domestic Muscovy duck and Mallard mix. However I would always bow to your superior knowledge about birds any time.
I am in awe about how much you know!

Will visit you soon.My dog chewed up my glasses,even my spare pair,
so I have n't been visiting as often as I would like.

See you as soon as I get my new specs!!

Eva Gonçalves said...

Fantastic shot. I love these colours. These are the ones you were after in the park. I always see them on my walks by the river. Hope you get your woody woodpecker!! :)) XX

Breathtaking said...


Thank you love!Yes these are the ones!There are several different
kinds on the river,all of which I hope to photograph.

That Woody is camera shy, it just won't be caught.I took a few on Saturday but most are of the tail feathers!!

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