Monday, 10 December 2012

In It's Element

The Marsh Frog
Pelophylax ridibundus


Taking a leap to the bottom of the pond using it's long hind legs

Breeding takes place in March and April

The smaller male holds on tightly to the larger female whilst mating
The March Frog has a large head, and it's eyes are on top of it's head. When swimming it can remain submerged whilst looking for prey, and keeping safe from predators .

The lighter green back stripe is clearly visible on this photo

The March frog is Europes largest water dwelling frog, and a powerful swimmer. It is also an amazing jumper,and always ready to jump into deep water at the first sign of a disturbance sprinting with it's long back legs. It is green in colour although there is a large variation in colour pattern, ranging from dark green to brown or grey. A lighter green line on the back is generally present. The female grows to 17cm in length but the male is much smaller. The diet of the March Frog consists of dragonflies and small invertebrates.


Bob Bushell said...

Special, especially if you're a male. Beautiful photographs.

Unknown said...

Great photography of a very private act. Hope the frogs were not embarassed!

Adam said...

wonderful photos of the frogs

TexWisGirl said...

bob's comment made me smile today.

these are beautiful images. well done.

abhinavr said...

Stunning photos of the frogs! And informative description too.
Have a nice weekend.

Breathtaking said...

Bob Bushell
Thank you Bob! Perhaps I should have xrated a couple of photos!
Your comment made me smile:)

Breathtaking said...

Thank you so much:)I think it's more likely that they were exhibitionists, or, they were so enamoured by each others charms that they never even noticed I was there!:)

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Adam, appreciate your visit.

Breathtaking said...


Hi Theresa! Bob's comment made me smile too.

Thank you for your generous comment
and enjoy your weekend.

ioan moldovan said...

I do not like the frogs, but your great photos! And this frogs are very photogenic!

susan said...

great photos, very interesting, nice markings!!!!!!

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Abhinav! I find these frogs facinating, but thy are very noisy, something I omited to write about them:)

Breathtaking said...

ioan moldovan

They are indeed most photogenic creatures,and I love taking photos of them.

I appreciate your visit, and thank you for your very nice comment.

Breathtaking said...


Hi Sue!
I find them very interesting subjects to photograph. They can look amusing when they float for example, or when just their eyes are showing, or their cheeks look like balloons.

Thank you for your comment Sue.x

Joke (Joke's Camera) said...

Beautiful pictures, Breathtaking. You took them just at the right moment. My favorite is number 1. Great light and sharpness. Have a nice sunday. Greetings, Joke

Breathtaking said...

Joke(Jokes Camera)

Thank you for your comment Joke:) I totally agree with you! My favourite is number one also.

Warmest regards.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love frogs!!! What great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Breathtaking!

They aren`t exacteley what one would call a pretty sight, still they came out very well in this photo session...

Good piece of documentary!

Have a nice week.


Breathtaking said...

Optimistic Existentialist

Thats nice! I'm pleased you like frogs and my pictures of them.

Thank you for your lovely comment.

I will take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year:)

Ian x said...

A frog he would a wooing go,Hey ho says Rowley........

So that's what they call it.

Traditional English folk song 1548.

Considered by some to be a parody of Francoise,Duke of Anjou, and his wooing of Elizabeth 1.

Breathtaking said...


Hi Vitor!

As a child The Frog Prince was always a favourite fairy story of mine. Perhaps this is why I, grew up liking them!

I'm pleased you stopped by Vitor, thank you for your comment.

Breathtaking said...

Hi Ian!

They make the most awfull racket. Their noise can be heard from a great distance and I can not imagine a worse serenade,or meaner caricature.

Thank you for your comment Ian.x

Giga said...

Ładnie to tak żabki podglądać, oczywiście żartuję. Zdjęcia są wspaniałe. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
So nice preview clips, of course, joking. The photos are great. Regards warm.

Victor Aranda said...

Nunca consigo que posen para mí. Se suelen marchar antes de que saque la foto.
Las tuyas son magnificas.

Breathtaking said...

Victor Aranda

Hello Victor!
É verdade que os sapos mergulho sob a água assim que sentir um intruso.
Descobri que se eu vestir em marrom ou verde, e sentar-se calmamente pela água e esperar por eles aparecer, há uma chance muito maior de fotografá-los.

Obrigado pela a sua visita, e votos de um Bom Natal.

Breathtaking said...

I like your sense of humour. You made me smile:) Thank you Giga!


Unknown said...

I agree, your blog and pictures are breathtaking! I've sign in as a follower. I want to see more of your blog! I hope yoy also will sign in on my 2 blogs: "insectenwereld"(world of insects)and "de mooie natuur"(beautiful nature).

Many greetings from Holland.

Lasse said...

Great pictures ! Merry Christmas !

Friend of HK said...

Beautiful frogs! Love the colours. Great shots!

Breathtaking said...

de mooie natuur-insectenwereld

Hello Willy!
Thank you so much for your very generous comment, and for following my blog. You are most welcome:)

I will look in on your two blogs very soon.

Breathtaking said...


Thank you Lasse! Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Breathtaking said...

Friend of HK

Thank you for your appreciation.

Best Wishes.

Unknown said...

Again, 6 breathtaking pictures!! Nice information too about these frogs.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Breathtaking said...

Thank you dear,always nice to see you here:)

Claudia said...

Stunning shots.

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Claudia.

Stuart Price said...

Great green hued images, I like the last one best........

Breathtaking said...

Stuart Price
Thank you Stuart, I also like the last one.

Rohrerbot said...

Very very nice! I'm always fascinated by frogs out on hikes. They are such cool finds:)

Breathtaking said...

Many thanks!:) When ever there's a frog to be photographed, I'm there like a shot. I just love them!

Brown Eyes said...

These photos taken in addition to very well require a lot of waiting. Congratulations again. kisses

Linda said...

Whoa, can't a frog have some privacy? But seriously, those are great photos.

Breathtaking said...


Grin! They didn't seem to mind!!!
Thank you Linda, so pleased you like them.

Breathtaking said...

Brown Eyes

It's all worth the waiting for, when I get the shot that I want, but even when it doesn't happen, the anticipation is still exciting.

Jana said...

fantastic colours and models! really breathtaking...thanks for stopping by and happy holidays!

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Jana:)
Best Wishes.

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