Saturday, 17 November 2012

Pastoral Picture

Sheep and Lambs
The Cork Trees have recently been stripped of their bark
This is a familiar sight for me as it's just outside our gate, but I could'nt decide which photo to post, so chose these three.


abhinavr said...

Very nice views! It is beautiful to see the Sun Rays falling on the trees, and the lambs.

Wanda..... said...

What a calm and enchanting scene!

Eva Gonçalves said...

Very familiar sight indeed! :)) Nice pics! love XX

Stuart Price said...

Very nice something out of Disney!

Ian x said...

This is lovely - and an extraordinary accidental replica of the painting "Sheep in the shade" by Samuel Palmer.Have a look on the internet to see. He's produced some fabulously moody landscapes...I think you will agree.

Breathtaking said...

Abhinav R
It was already late afternoon, the sun was low in the sky and there was just enough light to capture these photos.I like the light escaping through the trees also.

Thank you for your very nice comment:)

Breathtaking said...

How lovely to hear from you:) It is a quiet and tranquil place, where sheep, goats ,and geese roam on the mountain side.

Thank you for your visit, I will visit you very soon.

Adam said...

it's amazing how peaceful sheep are

Breathtaking said...

I'm so pleased you like them love.
I couldn't resist capturing this
magical moment.XX

Breathtaking said...

Stuart Price
Thank you Stuart:)What a nice idea!

TexWisGirl said...

just gorgeous! love the light and subject matter!

Breathtaking said...

Ian X
Thank you Ian:) I have had a look at Samuel Palmers paintings and found "Sheep in the Shade", a lovely peaceful picture.You were right, I do like his work, and am delighted that my photos reminded you of this prestigious artist's painting.

Breathtaking said...

Yes indeed,I couldn't agree with you more.

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Theresa:)So pleased you like these peaceful scenes.

susan said...

absolutely lovely!!!!!1

Juliana said...

all pictures are very nice!
I understand why it was so hard to choose the best one...
have a great weekend!

xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :) | PJ’ Ecoproject

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Sue:) You must recognize this place!

Breathtaking said...

Thank you, What a nice thing to say. So pleased you liked them all.

Anonymous said...

Hello Breathtaking!

You`ve made the right choice by not choosing between the three as they are all so beautiful.

Such a lovely and peaceful scenery makes one envious of the lamb and sheep...

Thank you for your visit and comments; a pleasure to see you there.

Have a nice weekend!


Rita Vaselli said...

Scenes like these I thought they were only in certain paintings now!
Instead there are again!

What a beauty! Thanks for sharing, Magnificent images!

ioan moldovan said...

Very beautiful! Incidentally, I've posted a picture with this title :)
Have a beautiful fall further!

Evanir said...

Feliz em conhecer seu blog linda postagem com fotos magnificas .
Espero que consiga traduzir meu comentário.
Estou seguindo seu blog .
Um feliz Domingo mil beijos,Evanir.

DIMI said...

Gorgeous pictures!Very nice scene!

Nava said...

Wow--I would never leave--this looks like paintings by the great artists from long ago. Thanks for sharing. :)

Breathtaking said...


Hello Vitor!

I'm so pleased you think so,and thank you so much for such a generous comment.

Have a nice Sunday:)

Breathtaking said...

Rita Vaselli

Hello Rita:)

Thank you so much! When I saw this scene it also reminded me of a painting.

Many of the landscapes I capture with my camera,are taken with the view of painting them at a later date.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Breathtaking said...

ioan moldovan

Hello! Thank you Ioan! I can still remember your very beautiful photo
with great pleasure.

I promise that I didn't steal your

Have a nice Sunday!

Breathtaking said...


Hello Evanir! Welcome to my blog,
and thank you for your comment:)

Ola Evanir! Bem vindo, e obrigado pelas suas simpaticos palavras e por seguir o meu blog.

Eu terei muito gosto em passar pelo seu, logo que possa.:)

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Dimi! Glad you like them!
Thank you for your visit:)

Breathtaking said...


Hi Nava:)

Yes indeed, This scene also reminded me of a painting.

There is a painting called "Sheep in the shade" by Samuel Palmer 1805-1881, and I'm sure there are more.

Have a nice Sunday!

Joke (Joke's Camera) said...

I can imagine that you could not choose, Breathtaking. They are all three great. Beautiful pictures, composition and landscape. Well done. Greetings, Joke

Isa said...

oh que j'aime ces paysages ! Félicitations et bon dimanche !!

ShySongbird said...

Hello Sonjia, lovely to see you back after your break :-) What a lovely, peaceful scene to have so close to home, no wonder you couldn't decide between the three photos, you made the right choice in the end ;-)

I also loved the delightful photos of the little Wood Mouse on the previous post which I have just caught up with, the first photo with the pink flowers was particularly pretty. I have a small seed container deep within a hedge in my garden which was intended for tiny birds like Wrens, Dunnocks etc. but I was late filling it one evening and had to use a torch and spotted a sweet little mouse (either Wood or Yellow-necked) sat in it eating the seed :-)

So sorry to read on your comment to me that you have suffered with the flu recently and that your dog has been unwell also. I do hope you are both feeling much better now. I adore dogs and know how very worrying it is when they are poorly!

Breathtaking said...

Jokes Camera

Hello Joke:)Thank you!I appreciate that you like all three photos, and
thankyou for taking time to visit.

Enjoy your Sunday:)

Breathtaking said...


Merci Isa! Je suis tellement heureux de vou comme mes photos.

Bom Dimanche.

Unknown said...

These are, again, breathtaking images!
Have a great Sunday

Giga said...

Dobrze zrobiłaś, że dałaś trzy, bo są wspaniałe z tym pięknym widokiem. Pozdrawiam.
Well done, you gave three, because they are great with this beautiful view. Yours.

Rohrerbot said...

This is Lord of the Rings magical! Wow!

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

Great photography.
I Will visit again.

Breathtaking said...

Hello Jan:)
Thank you for your lovely comment and your good wishes.I am feeling much better, and my little Teckle Mel, is well again,...thankyou for your concern.

Your unexspected encounter with the mouse, made me smile.These are precious moments indeed:)

Breathtaking said...


Hello Sweet
First of all I would like to say that I'm so sorry that I have been neglecting your blog by notvisiting
but will do so very soon.

Thank you for your lovely comment:)

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Giga:) So pleased you like all three!

Breathtaking said...


If we look for magic, it appears!!
So glad you see it to:)

Thank you for passing by.

Breathtaking said...

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

I have just been over to yours, and seen the children at work in your class showing great results.

I will visit you again.:)

Nava said...

Breathtaking---thanks so much for the comment you left today on my blog---I had to go back and read it again--I need it too. Always encouraging to hear from someone--and I know how busy we all are right now. I never reply on the blog--because I doubt if anyone would ever see it. Thanks--Nava PS I still love these photos of the sheep. Those need to be blown up and framed.

Sonia Aguiar said...

Querisda Sonjia :) Has hecho bien en poner las tres fotos, yo tampoco hubiese sabido por cual decidirme. ¡Son todas tan hermosas! Parece un paisaje de ensueño. Mi enhorabuena.
Un abrazo. Sonia.

Brown Eyes said...

Already happens to me not knowing which images to put. You did well to publish the three that are excellent. kisses

Breathtaking said...

It was good of you to come back!!
Thank you for your time, and your

Breathtaking said...

Sonia Aguiar

Dear Sonia:)

Thank you so much!I stopped in my tracks when I saw this scene,for although I had seen it many times before, the light made it look somewhat different. I am so pleased that you think it has a dream like quality.

See you soon:)

Breathtaking said...

Brown Eyes

Hello Brown Eyes:) Thank you,
so pleased you like all three.

Although of late I have been posting three or four photos, I usually know which one I like best, but not this time!So I guess when in doubt post them all!

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Stunnig pictures.. Just beautiful!!!.. Cheers

Breathtaking said...

Anna Minguez Corella

Thank you Ana:)

Unknown said...

Hi Breathtaking, these pictures are beautiful - so peaceful and calming. They are all quite similiar but I prefer the second. There is an interesting foreground (rocks) and good layers of texture of light and shade. The second would be perfect if more of the rocks are shown. I like the drooping branches lighted by the sunlight in the second picture.

Breathtaking said...

I have taken another look at the second photo, and believe you're right.It does appear to marginally have more definition, "light and shade" than the other two,and it would have been a better composition if more of the rocks
were showing.Thank you Stiletto:-)

S. Etole said...

Such peaceful scenes; so beautiful.

Martha Z said...

wonderful scenes, come spring I will have similar sights.

Breathtaking said...

S Etole
Although this peaceful scene is just outside our gate, it's one I never take for granted.I'm so pleased you like it also.

Breathtaking said...

Martha Z

We are fortunate to look at such peaceful scenery.

Have a nice weekend:)

Deno said...

Great set! These are really art.

Breathtaking said...

Thank you Deno!Any landscapes I post are potentionally subjects to paint.So pleased you like them:) said...

Bucolic setting, indeed!
aka Bay Area Tendrils

Breathtaking said...

Hello Alice:)

How nice to see you here, thank you so much for your visit.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Carol said...

Oh, I wish I had such a bucolic setting right outside my gate Breathtaking! Only, I do not even have a gate. How lovely!! Inspiring setting and beautiful photographs. I think all three are perfect as they show the movement and makes one feel more a part of the landscape.

Breathtaking said...

Thank you so much, you're very kind:) We live on a mountain side but it is a farming comunity. We also have a small holding of cattle,and other farm animals on the property, but they are a long distance from where we actually built our house. I did most of the landscaping myself,and enjoyed every minute of it, but do less and less these days.I do so love the countryside, and scenes like these are a daily occurrence, so pleased you like them.

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