Wednesday 22 February 2012

Before taking a bath Double Take

A Young Jay


Lasse said...

Lovely picture !

TexWisGirl said...

ha ha! still like his hairdo.

Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

Wow, I've never seen a young one before! Very Cool! (and clean)

Nancy said...

Now, he's just a cutie pie....can't image how beautiful he will be when grown.....

Giga said...

Temu to dobrze :-) i fryzurę ma ciekawą. Pozdrawiam.***Doing it well :-) and has an interesting hairstyle. Yours.

Breathtaking said...

Thankyou,yes the Jays never disappoint,there is a little too much contrast on both photos, and glare on the second photo,but sometimes I
post because its an amusing photo,and want to share it irrespectively.
Glad you liked it,and I hope it made you smile!!:)

Breathtaking said...

I'm so glad you liked his hairdo,thats really
why I decided to post it,that, and the slightly bedraggled look he had after splashing in the
water on the After photo.
Thankyou Teresa for commenting on both of them
appreciate it.:)

Breathtaking said...

Lisa and Sal
They are usually plumper and heads fluffier than the adult Jay.When you consider that these are large birds,it's very amusing to watch Jay
juniers being fed by the often smaller adult:)

Breathtaking said...

These are my husbands favourite birds,and their
blue feathers are very beautiful.Sometimes we
have five or six in the garden at the same time,
because he feeds them a sunflower seed mix every

Breathtaking said...

I'm so glad you mentioned his hairdo,I thought
you would see the funny side to this photo!!:)

Fallar said...

I'm amazed, how many species are similar regardless of distance. Portugal and Poland are quite far from each other, yet looking at pictures I primarily though it's in Poland ;)

Keep up the good work!

Breathtaking said...

Welcome,thankyou for your comment.If you live where conifer trees
predominate,I guess you will get the same birds.Looking at the blogs of
Polish bloggers I have thought the same thing myself,especially when I
see photos of mountains and woodlands.

Giga said...

:-) dzwonek z kogutem kupiłam w Portugalii, jak tam byłam kilka lat temu. Pozdrawiam ciepło. *** :-) I bought a ringtone from a rooster in Portugal, as I was there several years ago. With best wishes.

psychelyn said...

I like her hairdo too. All your birds' photos are very interesting. They keep amusing me :)

Breathtaking said...

I thought I recognised it as being portuguese,many thanks for your
confirmation.I have a collection of cow creamers!:)

Breathtaking said...

I'm so pleased you were amused because that was
my intention.:)

Gaspar de Jesus said...

Surprising Moments

Breathtaking said...

Gaspar de Jesus
Yes indeed,I was having lunch,looked out of the window and saw the Jay
taking a bath.I grabbed my camera and took the photo through the window
so that I wouldn't disturb his toilet!!!

Martha Z said...

Isn't it cute? Immature birds often look quite different from adults and I find they can be a challenge to identify.

Ian said...

The lark, that tirra-tirra chants,
With,heigh,with,heigh! the thrush and the jay,
Are summer songs for me and my aunts,
While we lie tumbling in the hay.

The Winter's Tale
Shakespeare x

Breathtaking said...

Marta Z
Yes he is,I do hope I got it right!!

Breathtaking said...

Thankyou,you found yet another poem, well done
my friend, I do appreciate your efforts.xx

damian said...

You have a bird bath in the garden and you can do cool photographs. Great :)

Breathtaking said...


Yes I do, in fact I have two, but one is full of mixed seeds! I also have a sturdy glass ash tray filled with water for the timy birds, and they take baths inside which is so funny to watch :=)

Thank you for your visit:)

damian said...

You are do this photo in secretly ? I thinkinging about build secretly place of doing photographs of birds from close up :)

Breathtaking said...

Most of my photos are taken from inside a hide. It was made to my own specifications in a light weight aluminium frame, covered in a rain proof green material, with small openings on three sides. It depends how much space you have available.It's like a small tent, and I have a chair inside.You really do need somewhere comfortable to hide from timid birds. Good luck with yours:=) Let me know how you get on with it!

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