Saturday, 17 September 2011

Taking Off

Scarce Swallowtail


Eva Gonçalves said...

That butterfly looks enormous! :) Good shot!

Breathtaking said...

Glad you liked it.

Janie said...

Super photo, you must of been camping out until that moment.
Your photos are so incredible.
Waiting to see some ferm photos you may have in your house?


Breathtaking said...

J Bar
Thankyou, I am so pleased you like it.

Breathtaking said...

Jane or Janie,which do you prefer?
I have been looking at my indoor plants,and the
ferns are not looking at their best right now. When the new growth comes in Spring, I will,post
some photos.Thankyou for giving me the idea,and
for your ever generous comments.

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