Saturday, 6 August 2011

Underwing of Painted Lady


Janie said...

Green strikes me silly. Leaves or trees, and an added plus with a painted lady in the sun. I can see by your blog that you must camp out for photos such as this one. Looks like Camellia Leaves?

Breathtaking said...

Hi Janie
You're right, they are Camellia leaves,quite an unusual place to see Painted Ladies,for they are more often seen, at least in my garden, on the Lantana bushes.Weather permitting I'm always outside,and like you,on the lookout for
something wonderful to happen.I'm glad you like it.x

Anonymous said...


Breathtaking said...

Edu Matos
I think you must have seen all of
my photos, as this was the first
one I intrepedly posted,wondering
if anyone besides my daughter
would come to my blog!!
Thankyou so much for your very nice comment.:)

Branca said...


Breathtaking said...


Thankyou so much.


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