Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Algarve and Storks in Alvor

The heat is sweltering, way up in the 34 degrees + region, and the only way to stay less hot, I can't say cool, is to stay indoors. Even my friend from the UK found sitting in the shade too uncomfortably hot, but as we are both early risers, we enjoyed the cooler temperature of the morning hours. 

I had a lovely birthday celebration, and now that my friend has left, am ready to share some photos of the White Stork,  taken in the Algarve, in a place called Alvor.

The White Stork   Ciconia ciconia

In Portugal, the stork is a protected species, and almost revered by farmers who appreciate and protect them.....


as the birds thrive on small mammals, lizards, snakes, and large insects, ...

which save the farmers having to buy expensive  pesticides on their crops.

The storks often build their nests close to the marshlands or wetlands, where they can feast on frogs, and fish too.

This field had at least twelve nests, and after having a word with the farmer, we were allowed to photograph them.

They build their nests up high on tall chimneys, telegraph poles, electricity pylons, church steeples, as well as trees.

Their nests are a great engineering feat.

The adult stork reaches a standing height of 80 to 115 cm, and has a wing span of 195 to 215 cm.

It is in flight that they take on a grace and beauty which belies it's size, as it glides high in the sky with outspread wings.

I must have stayed in the field a few hours in awe of their size, as I watched them leave, and return to their nests.

The day was hazy, ...not the best of conditions to take photos, and....

We couldn't approach too near because of the chicks, so regretfully I have none to share.

Their were many storks foraging in the fields.

They are elegant creatures, even whilst foraging as they walk along at a gentle pace.

In the past twenty years, storks have begun to stay here all winter, and can be seen all over the south of Portugal.

Monday, 5 June 2017

My birthday is approaching, and a UK friend of mine, who always comes in June to celebrate it with me and my family, arrives this week, ..... so  I will be absent from blogging for two weeks. I know the time will fly, as we catch up with our news, and I'm really looking forward to this yearly fun packed reunion. Leaving you with this little sparrow. Happy blogging everyone!:)

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