Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Algarve and the Bee Eater 2017

Hello Everyone!:) It's a pleasure to be back home, ...where it is now lovely warm weather, and I'm feeling so much better. The break has done me good, and I have lots of goodies to share,...birds, butterflies insects, flowers, and so much more,... but the highlight of our holiday, without any doubt was meeting up with an old friend, and seeing  and photographing the many beautiful Bee Eaters. We knew where their nesting sights were this time, and went to look for them on the very next day, so this is where I'll begin. I hope you are all in the best of health, and I'm looking forward to visiting you all as soon as I can.

The Bee Eater  Merops apiaster

They catch insects in flight, often high up in the air.

The Bee Eaters plumage has very brilliant colours, though these are not especially luminous, therefore usually require a perched bird, and moderate range to be fully enjoyed.

We had parked the car, just off the main dirt road where their nests were, and I waited behind the trunk, before I finally got lucky and took a series of shots of not only one, but two Bee Eaters.


Fortunately they liked to perch out in plain sight, on fences, and on old lichen covered trees.



Sunday, 2 April 2017

Algarve "Louça" for Saturday's Critters

Every so often I like to share something typically Portuguese, and over the years, I have collected twenty four cow creamers, some of which were bought in the Algarve, in a place called Lagos. It's my favourite shop to visit whenever we spend the day there, with the hope of adding one more cow creamer to my collection, and also to see all the beautiful plates. As I'm still not able to get outside, here are a few examples of the colourful hand made "louça" which is sold here  in Portugal. We will be traveling to the Algarve again this week, in search of the beneficial warmth of our southern climate, and staying for at least two months, so this will be my last post before we leave.

My thanks to everyone who left helpful comments, but the situation has still not been resolved even with all your help, but it was very much appreciated, and perhaps my son can solve my comment dilema whilst we're away,...hope so! Happy Blogging Everyone!:=) 


Portugal is renowned for it's colourful hand made, hand painted pottery.

Their bright colours emulate the colours of the sea, sand, and flora and fauna which are typically Algarvian.

Olives and olive oil are exported from Portugal, and are a major ingredient in Portuguese cooking.

You will always find the signature of the artist on the base of each piece.

I have bought several large plates like this one, to decorate the lounge, and kitchen walls, in the Algarve.

One of the cow creamers,  bought from the same shop in Lagos.

Another brightly coloured  one.

Why do I collect  cow creamers! Well, I  love cows, and think they are fun pieces of ceramics .

and as well as being decorative on their own, they look cute used....

together, when I use them filled with single cream for pouring.

 These two are never apart,.

The free flowing designs are characteristic of this pottery's rustic style.

As each piece is hand made, hand painted, and decorated, no two pieces are identical.


A serving dish of ours.

A large colourful hand painted plate, ..a favourite of mine.

As you can see this type of ceramic is from another Portuguese factory, it's another of my favourites.:)
This is my entry this week for Saturday's Critters, and The Bird D' pot, just click on the links to go there, and see more critters from around the world. br /> SATURDAY'S CRITTERS
I'D-RATHER-B-BIRDIN and thank you to both of you for hosting.

Sunday, 26 March 2017


Hello Fellow Bloggers! Out of sheer frustration, and disappointment I am
making it known to those of you who are my followers, that although I have spent time and energy writing comments to you, I  have been prevented from posting them.

When "Comment As" comes up, and then "Choose A Profile" The space is completely BLANK!! Therefore my comment is useless. I had noticed this last week on a few blogs, but now it's a substantial number of blogs. Yesterday the family were here for lunch, and I mentioned it to my daughter Eva,...she also tried, with the same result, so she said she would copy my comments and try to post them on her computer, which she did successfully, but this is not a solution. I don't know what to do to correct this, you don't get a reply or a visit, you will know why. Sending you my warmest good wishes,.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Southern Red Muntjac

Searching for something to share, I came across these shots of the Southern Red Muntjac, which I had taken in the Nature Reserve, and had completely forgotten about. These shy Asian deer-like creatures, also known as Indian Muntjac, kept themselves partially hidden in the tall grasses, near the lake.

The Southern Red Muntjac   (Muntiacus Muntijac)

These small deer are family of the Visayan Spotted deer.

I had to lighten all these shots, as the deer were in deep shade.

The light was poor in the shade, but I finally got a better view of one when she settled in a small clearing.


Ah, that's better! It didn't bark at me, but the Muntjac does barks like a dog to ward off intruders.

The Waxbill.

Not a good shot, but as you can see, they were partially hidden in tall grasses, just like the Muntjak, and difficult to single out. They gathered in groups, with other small birds like finches .

I tried to get nearer, but they all rose up in a dark cloud, and dispersed to a nearby tree where I couldn't see them at all.

These Waxbill photos were taken in the Algarve last July.

Perhaps I will be able to get better images of the Waxbill on our next visit to the Algarve next month.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

My Book and a Melange of Photos

I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to visit you, but I will try to do my best to visit this week. After my last repetitive post, I have chosen a varied number of photos to share, all from my archive, a mishmash of images taken last year.

This 35 page book of my nature photos was given to me at  Christmas by my granddaughter Sara. It was a lovely surprise, and she did it all by herself.  I could hardly believe it, and was completely overwhelmed by her generous gift. It must have taken her ages to do.

To give you an idea of what it looks like, here are a few images. You probably recognize some of the photos.




A juvenile Blue Tit.

These flowers in bud form are in bloom now in the garden

.....and here they are!

Goldfish in our garden pond.


......waiting for another turn at the feeder.

Daffodils galore in the garden, with sprawling Rosemary in the background.

Squirrel on rustic bench

Great Tit in the shade.

Quite an angry look, but I've included it for a bit of fun!

Mel is my constant companion. She sits on her own blanket on my bed, and you can also see her duvet cover on the left.:)

Cacti against fence, photo taken in July last year.

A further study of the cacti. I'm short on photos!!:))

Some more cacti I discovered on a walk in the Algarve.
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